About us

Our strength projects in staff augmentation for small, medium and large scale utility solar projects. We have supported the construction of over 1.3 GW of utility scale solar helping SER experience and resources will benefit any solar energy contractors in mobilizing resources to fit the project’s specific needs and demands. SER can also undertake the execution of electrical and mechanical operations for small to medium size solar projects. Today SER continues to grow and diversify the ways it executes solar projects in order to enhance the time, quality and safety of its services.

We help Solar grow

We are exceptional solar contractors


Staff augmentation - SER has been successfully involved in the successful delivery of over 1.3 GW of solar. Our company has helped with staff augmentation on solar projects ranging from 1 MW to 180 MW. Our personal has been responsible for managing, supervising and installing the mechanical and electrical scope of works.

Construction - SER can provide the full range of project management, procurement and construction services for any size utility scale solar projects.

Our goal is safety, quality and performance


• SER strength stems from its wide and diverse network of operatives totaling over 3,000.

• SER has successfully delivered over 1.3 GW of utility scale solar .

• SER has capacity and capabilities to perform the mechanical, electrical and commissioning scope of works.

• SER can help you perform time and resource demanding projects.

• Our H&S record is something to be proud of but we will always try to do better.

Mechanical Installation

Our mechanical teams have had experience installing the products of all major structure manufacturers. We are familiar with the installation requirements to all of the industry leading tracker and fixed structure. 

Electrical Installation

Our electrical teams have experience not only with the traditional ways of performing the electrical works but also comfortable and confident with the latest industry trends. SER can perform all of the electrical work up to the sub-station.


SER works with the industry leading vendors to supply the components and equipment as per your design and requirements.